Pick of the Podcasts: A Manifesto

January 1, 2016

Two things that people say about podcasting annoy me. They say "podcast discovery is broken," implying that there was a time when it worked. I do not believe that is true. They also say it would be great if podcasts could "go viral," as if that is self-evidently a good thing.

I am finally annoyed enough to stop talking and do something to address the first. The second will have to wait.

I am opening the doors to a new podcast that will be housed here at potp.it. The initials stand for Pick of the Podcasts, and that's what it will be. Each episode will contain self-contained clips from three podcasts with a little bit of linking material. The podcasts will generally be independent productions, rather than part of a podcast network or radio spin-offs, and each show will likely be 20-30 minutes long.

What do I hope to achieve?

Mostly, I want to amplify word-of-mouth recommendations and give a little context, while also making it easier to subscribe to the shows. Many current podcast recommendation efforts do neither.

It would also be wonderful if I could attract enough listeners to also attract advertisers or sponsors, both to cover costs and, if possible, cross-subsidise my own show, Eat This Podcast.

What do I need?

Suggestions! There is no way I can spend the time looking for and listening to interesting podcasts (one reason why the whole "viral" question is moot). So I need your word-of-mouth recommendations, and if you want to tell me why, that would be a great help too. But I will always listen to the episodes in the show.

What's in it for you?

As a listener, some interesting listening and, from time to time, the chance to discover a new podcast that you like enough to stick in your queue.

As a podcast producer, an inbound link and, I hope, new listeners. Plus a warm inner glow. Maybe, eventually, if the whole thing takes off in a big way, a token payment.

Now what?

I'm hoping to have the first episode up around Christmas, and to publish every two weeks thereafter, at least to begin with. After a couple of episodes I will submit the feed to iTunes. And then ... well, let's just see how it goes.

By Jeremy